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Marlon's Swimming Lessons

Learn to Swim and Save Lives

Swim Lessons

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(1) One Private Swim Lesson

45 minutes of private swim lesson. Catered to your individual needs.

(6) Six Private Swim Lessons

Six lessons of 45 minutes each with a focus on improving technique and endurance.

(12) Twelve Private Swim Lessons

Twelve lessons of 45 minutes each with a focus on improving technique and endurance. Excellent for persons looking to improve physical capacity through aquatics.


All private lesson packages must be completed before their expiration date. Packages of six (6) expires 60 days from the time of purchase. Packages of twelve (12) expires 90 days from the time of purchase. Lessons are 45 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted. Packages must be paid in advance. Prices are based on one student. Lessons canceled less than 24 hours before agreed time will be forfeited. Student must have access to a pool and if not I could recommend places in NYC. Services are non-refundable. Marlon's Swimming Lessons reserve the right to change/modify prices without prior notice. By purchasing any services, I agree with all rules and regulations noted.

Marlon's Swimming Lessons

Swim Instructor: Marlon Guevara Teaching NYC school kids.

Marlon's Swimming Lessons: Freestyle

Freestyle Stroke (Crawl) by Marlon

Marlon's Swimming Lessons: Breast Stroke

Breast Stroke by Marlon 

Marlon'S Swimming Lessons: Butterfly

Butterfly Stroke by Marlon

Marlon's 50 Yards Underwater Swim

50 Yards Swim-One Breath